Welcome to Rancho Sienna Elementary PTO

Rancho Sienna Elementary PTO welcomes YOU to join our community of volunteers. When it comes to serving our school, it takes a village. We need YOU!

There are many ways to serve from being a room parent to a field day helper, and all the many needs in between. You can be a working parent or a parent with a toddler who helps from home. You can be a stay-at-home parent who helps on campus. You can be a grandparent of one of our panthers, or just someone who lives in the community and wants to help. Whatever your situation, we welcome you for an exciting year ahead.

Be sure to explore our new website, but don’t leave without signing up as a member. It’s FREE!

In addition, all volunteers must complete both background check forms (yearly) and submit them to the front office before you are cleared to serve (no fingerprints necessary). You can find those here too.

Thank YOU for making a difference in our school!

See you soon!


Becky Shaver
PTO President

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The Well Account - Visit Website

Thank you to our accountant, The Well Account. Owner, Jason J. Taylor, provides professional accounting services including tax, consulting, and bookkeeping. He and his wife, Ashley have 2 sons at Rancho Sienna Elementary. Thanks for your support of our school!

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